my projects

Fashion video for Maus magazine

The Maus Fashion Editorial is a captivating visual masterpiece centered around the exquisite designs of @lavani_couture. It features the globally renowned model @ninakostiic, celebrated as the face of the prestigious Guess brand, projecting sophistication and allure effortlessly.

Under the expert guidance of hairstylist extraordinaire @boris_obreski and the talented makeup artist @nikolastjepovic, the team has flawlessly highlighted Nina Kostic's natural beauty and charisma. Lavani's stunning dresses take center stage, radiating elegance, while accessories from @nakit_simona and complement the ensemble seamlessly, adding depth and luxury.

short ad for honey (Stop Motion)

This stop motion advertisement showcases the artisanal beauty of honey through a delightful visual sequence. Through successive frames, the scene dynamically evolves as someone takes a bite from the honey-coated bread. The bread diminishes gradually in a mesmerizing stop-motion sequence until it's entirely consumed, emphasizing the irresistible allure of the honey-infused delicacy.

Muzicki spot za Danijela Mitrovica

Despite the limited resources, the director's artistic prowess shines through, capturing the essence of the song through innovative angles, captivating visuals, and a sense of raw authenticity. The simplicity of the settings magnifies the emotional depth of the music, drawing the audience into Danijel Mitrovic's world, korak po korak.

short ad for hairdresser

Step into the world of hairstyling elegance and sophistication with the mesmerizing video showcasing the artistry of the renowned Serbian hairstylist, Ilija Pecenica. This minimalist masterpiece captures the essence of beauty and glamour, featuring the enchanting Luna Đogani.Through its minimalist approach and captivating visuals, the video not only promotes Ilija Pecenica's unparalleled talent but also celebrates the timeless beauty and versatility of hairstyling. It's a testament to artistry, grace, and the enchanting allure of Luna Đogani.

Lumberjack Barber Shop

Step into the rustic charm of the Lumberjack Barber Shop through this captivating social media video. Seamlessly blending stylish transitions and dynamic camera movements, this visual journey captures the essence of a traditional barbershop with a lumberjack-inspired twist. The video introduces viewers to the cozy yet trendy ambiance, showcasing the skilled barbers at work amid the vintage décor and the comforting scent of wood.

Young Salt Commercial

Embark on a journey of sophistication and refined taste with the Young Salt commercial